Blueseal waterless urinal liquid – 3.78 Litre Bottle


   The Original for All Waterless Type Urinals

   Blue Seal is suitable for use in all non water using urinals

   Blue Seal is suitable for use in all non water using urinals, simply add 90ml to the urinal after approximately 1500 uses.

  • Long lasting and biodegradable trap seal liquid
  • Has a specific gravity lower than water or urine
  • Remains for an extended period of time in the trap with urinal use (small amounts do get carried out with each urinal use)

· No Odors
· Long Lasting
· Pleasant Fragrance

· Hygienic
· Improves IAQ
· Cost Eective

The original Waterless® urinal sealing liquid
with a 20+ year track record. It can be added
to ANY non-water using urinal. No special
cleaners to purchase! All commercially available
cleaners may be used to clean the urinal without
harming BlueSeal® in the trap.

blueseal refill instructions



  •     long lasting
    •    no special cleaners needed!
    •    time tested
    •    environmentally friendly
    •    biodegradable


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