Waterless Co. Inc was established in 1991 by founder and inventor Klaus Reichardt. The goal was to drastically change the plumbing industry with products that use less or no water. Rising awareness and need in water conservation everywhere helped to promote the urinals.

The result was the now famous Waterless No-Flush urinal, a urinal fixture which could replace flushed urinals with units that use no water at all. To keep it the most simple, the urinal is installed like a regular urinal to a standard 2” drain line, is cleaned like a regular urinal and looks like a regular urinal.

Additional advantages are improved hygiene as no water use reduces bacteria on a fixture and water/sewer costs as well as operational costs are reduced.

The company is selling nationwide in the US plus in 18 other countries as of 2020.

While the company was quite early getting new most water efficient products to market, yet now almost 30 years on, it is the most well known and established waterless urinal company in the world.